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‘Our people make us great’. The secret behind STULZ’s phenomenal success

‘Our people make us great’. The secret behind STULZ’s phenomenal success

We know our responsibilities at STULZ bring high expectations AND high performance.

We have to ensure our customers have systems that always operate flawlessly or the impact on their businesses can be, quite simply, disastrous.

That's not a responsibility we take lightly, and we know exactly how to achieve it – we employ the right people in the right areas of responsibility with the right mindset and the right training to ensure we provide a service that's second to none, 24/7, 365 days a year.

We know we deliver excellence, not only because our customers frequently praise our work but because our staff feel empowered and appreciated. Our trust and our commitment in this area was rewarded when we were honoured to be first in our industry to receive an official Australian Great Place To Work certificate in 2018.

After all, a company's reputation is a reflection of its workforce and STULZ would not be the world-class organisation it is today if we didn’t uphold the high standards we have always had, and which make our company stand out from industry peers and the wider market.

We pride ourselves that our staff are trained, mentored, and feel confident under any challenges they face. Quality always comes first – and that’s a badge of honour our teams wear every day.

We’re a business built on people, a loyal and dedicated team that offers exceptional service and we're proud to say that. One of our core brand values is ‘we work together', and at every level, we strive to invest in our employees, the culture of our organisation and the innovations and services we provide.

We are passionate about in-house training for everyone – and we’re open to hearing what our employees want and need to progress their careers and the success of their roles.

STULZ has created a bespoke health and wellness program that matches the needs of our employees, in five key areas – career, social, financial, mind and body, and community. We believe that making a very beneficial long-term investment to the culture of our organisation will have profound positive effects – and yes, our results do speak for themselves.

We actively encourage apprentices to join us to carve out long-term careers through many of the programs we have. It’s a long-term commitment to recruiting staff whose skills will grow and develop over time. In the last year, we’ve seen more apprentices than ever before join our ranks and it’s a privilege to nurture and foster such talent.

If you’re looking for your next challenge and feel like you could make a difference to the world of STULZ, we are always eager to meet people that bring something special to our team.

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As our CEO John Jakovcevic puts it, “Our people are what makes STULZ a great place to work because each one of them adds their unique character to our vibrant and inclusive culture. We understand that what’s great for the workplace is also great for business.”

And we can’t put it better than that.